Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Welcome to the new SF Standard doctrine series. These doctrines are aimed at existing FC's branching out to new fleet styles or new FC's joining the team looking for a straight forward and easy to use doctrine.

This doctrine comprises of Caracals and Scythes.

What it does: This doctrine is designed to fight opposing fleets up to no higher than cruisers. Rapid light missile caracals have high burst damage with long reloads so identifying weaker targets before firing is important. Can also be used in ESS formats. It is suitable for lowsec and nullsec, may perform in a mediocre manner in pochven and is not suitable for use in Wormholes due to mass limitations.

How it works: Pilots should anchor on a dedicated anchor, with the anchor keeping reasonable distance from the enemy fleet but accounting for missile flight time and distance, with the anchor using the MWD's for repositioning only. This is largely due to the fact that the scythes are not cap stable when MWD'ing and therefore it should be used sparingly. Logi pilot should either anchor on a logi anchor or join the remaining fleet on a primary anchor ONLY if a logi anchor cannot be established.

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