Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Welcome to the new SF Standard doctrine series. These doctrines are aimed at existing FC's branching out to new fleet styles or new FC's joining the team looking for a straight forward and easy to use doctrine.

This doctrine comprises of Ruptures and Augorors.

What it does: This doctrine is designed exclusively for fighting with an ESS environment. It is important to note that ESS fields permanently warp scramble all ships in its radius around the ESS unit. Therefore afterburners must be used to maintain mobility. As this doctrine is designed for ESS engagements, this doctrine is unsuitable for use in nullsec, wormholes (due to mass limits), pochven and may have extremely limited use in lowsec.

How it works: ESS engagements can vary wildly from a few marauders up to enormous response fleets however a few things can be guaranteed. The first is that almost no fight in an ESS will be fair, nullsec locals will simply avoid you if they don't think they can win categorically. The second is that extraction of your fleet completely intact is a highly unlikely scenario. With that in mind, pilots should either free orbit chosen targets or anchor on a dedicated "anchor" pilot. Either method is fine and should be used in line with whichever the FC feels more comfortable with or after gauging the fleets "free flying" capacity. Electronic warfare modules should be spread out across targets unless there is only 1 target. Hail M should be loaded for larger targets i.e. battleships and marauders with faction ammo loaded for smaller targets. A single ship with a ship scanner may be used to identify weaknesses in target marauders to better adjust damage types. Energy neutralisers should only be used when engaging marauders or when an enemy logi wing has been suitably pinned down.

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