Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Welcome to the new SF Standard doctrine series. These doctrines are aimed at existing FC's branching out to new fleet styles or new FC's joining the team looking for a straight forward and easy to use doctrine.

This doctrine comprises of Harbingers and Augorors.

What it does: This doctrine is designed exclusively for arranged fights with other FC's. It should NOT be used for roaming any under any circumstances. A fleet of this composition will always attract unwanted attention and get dunked near immediately. It cannot be used in wormholes due to mass limitations. It may have limited used in pochven in gate area combat but lack of an MWD makes it extremely unlikely to be any of significant use. May be suitable for ESS engagements but again, is likely to attract unwanted attention.

How it works: Pilots should anchor on a dedicated anchor, with the anchor keeping reasonable distance from the enemy fleet keeping in mind dps levels needed to break enemy fleet compositions, with the anchor using the afterburners for repositioning and avoiding large bursts of incoming damage. This is largely due to the fact that the whole doctrine is cap unstable under any circumstances and if a long engagement is anticipated cap should be persevered where possible. Standard laser crystals can also be used if capacitor becomes an issue or mid range damage is required. Logi pilots should either anchor on a logi anchor or join the remaining fleet on a primary anchor ONLY if a logi anchor cannot be established.

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