Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Sometimes in Jita, some Shiphulls drop in Price massively.
We gonna take this Opportunity and use them for a Roam.

I already bought a bunch of them in case Price goes up until Fleet so you can purchase them from me for the cheap price.
The Skill *DRONE RIGGING* is very important for this Fit. You need it at least on LV3. If you have problems with the Fit, contact FC in Fleet.

Formup: 18:30 Eve Time in Jita
Undock: ~18:45 Eve Time
If you are late take an Interceptor and catch up.
Estimated Duration of Fleet: ~1,5hours after Undock

Logi / Tackle
Logi SRP Amount will be doubled Kirin/Scalpel/Bantam/Burst
Tackle is not limited to the ones listed, you will still get SRP if you use a Crow/Condor/Slasher as an example.
All NewBro Fittings/Ships are Handouts for free, so contact FC for a Free Ship if you need one.

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