Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


All hail the Lazorbeamzzz!

Fast and good Damage Projection. Designed to Snack Targets from Enemy Fleets or Harassing Ratters in Enemy Territories.
Pls read the Descriptions below the Fittings for more Informations.
Tackle like Interceptors/Interdictors are not limited to the ones linked here. You will still get SRP if you take like a Ares/Atron or a Eris as an example.
Logi Ships like Deacon/Thalia will get their SRP Amount doubled.

All *NewBro* Fittings/Ships are Handouts for free, so contact FC for a Free Ship if you need one.

The complete Doctrine got updated so pls check your Fittings again.

Following Ships are important for this Fleet:
1 Pontifex + 1 Magus
1 Heretic
2-3 Tacklers
Sentinel and Maulus Navy are Supportships from which we only really need 1 or a maximum of 2.

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