Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Good ole Stukka Kiki/Bomber Doctrine.

-Drifter WH Diving
-Shield Doctrine
-Logistics a Must [all logistics fly free]
-Bombers always have faction loaded unless otherwise specified
-If you have an extra scanner alt to bring please do
-Would like at least 3 cyno inhibs ready to go.
--NewBros fly ECM/EWAR downgrade if you cannot fly fits.
--LVL3 Precursor Destroyer min to fly kiki. :( T1 guns still allowed :)
--load T1 equivalent ammo and guns if you cannot fit T2 guns same fit

Required Roles or no fleet.
3/3 Hunters/Tackle
2/2 Interdictor
2/3 Links/Anchor
4/∞ Logi
3/∞ Bombers **Fill cargo and launcher with FVB**

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it