Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Big Game Hunters - Combat Interceptors

Choice of interceptor is your own, pick and choose depending on what you like.

Note - Logi are here to help reset between kills and as this is a skirmish doctrine only 3 min. are needed per fleet.

Given the ongoing supply issues at Dodixie. All interceptors will now be available to purchase fully fitted and ready to fly for 30m (35m for crusaders) each from Cryonano if you wish. Interdictors and logi ships are also available, Heretics at 95m each, Thalia's at 32m each. Please speak to me on the day or any time at all about securing your ship for the fleet.


05/04/22 - Added Tanked versions of all interceptors. Individual comparisons available on each Tanked version.
28/03/23 - Added long range ammo to all fits as standard.
28/03/23 - Stocked a large number of ships in Dodixie. Available upon request specifically for BGH.

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