Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet

T1/Navy Cruiser FFA

Welcome to my SECOND annual FFA giveaway event with an abundance of prizes as a thank you for all those who have flown with or against Spectre Fleet over the last year. In order to participate, must like last years event, there is a strict boundary of rules to be elegible to participate and thus win a prize. Those rules are listed below the the prizes for this years event.

Prizes this year include:

1x - Alliance Tournament Ship (Laelaps, Whiptail, Raiju, Victor or Mimir)
25x - Faction/DS Fit Dreads (Rev, Moros, Phoen, Nag, and Zirnitras)
60x - Faction/DS Fit Marauders (15 of each faction)
20x - Faction/DS Fit Black-ops (Panther, Widow, Redeemer)
25x - Faction/DS Fit Pirate Battleships (Vindi, Nightmare, Barghest, Bhaal)
20x - Faction/DS Fit Command Ships (Sleipner, Astarte, Nighthawk)
12x - Faction/DS Fit T3Cruisers (3 of each faction)
20x - Faction/DS Fit Pirate Cruisers
48x - Faction/DS Fit Pirate Frigates
5x - Faction/DS Fit Itikursas
5x - Deadspace/Faction Fit Draugrs

Additional and quite exceptional unlisted prizes are available and a distinct qualifying accomplishment will be revealed at fleet onset.

Now the RULES.
Any pilot found to be in violation of rules listed below will be disqualified from any prize eligibility (Yes I look through every lossmail)

Hull Restrictions:
Any T1 Cruiser or NAVY Faction Cruiser with a cumulative ship+fit killmail valuation not to exceed 150 Million ISK.
Ammunitions, drugs, drones, cap booster charges, Nanite paste, and combat boosters in cargo do not apply to this total.
Abyssal Modules are valued at 0isk, but only 1 is permitted per ship

Whats allowed:
No more than ONE (1x) Abyssal Module
Deadspace modules
Faction Modules
10MN Afterburners (A Prop mod is not a requirement, aka Propless)
Cap Injectors
"Targetted" Electronic Warfare (Damps, TD, MGD, ECM, TP) and any associated scripts
Implants (Be aware your pod will likely perish, use implants at your own risk)
While I fully understand peoples concerns regarding implants, please also consider that it is impossible for me to police them for 256 or more people.

Whats NOT allowed:
Cap Batteries (Cap injectors are permitted)
Remote Logistics modules (Repair, Energy, sensor)
Remote Repair drones
Burst Jammers
Microwarpdrives, Microwarpdrives, and Microwarpdrives
1MN ABS, 100MN ABs, 10000MN ABs

<3 Astrocytoma/RT Cancer