Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Note there are 3 Thrasher fits here. The preferred fit comes requires CPU fitting implants and Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5. The "Low Fitting" variant has meta mods for the point and sebos. Please try to maximize your fit for your skills. The T1 variant uses Meta artillery for those without T2 arty skills.

PLEASE just try to be in Thrashers or equivalent destroyers. The VFI is nice to have for the webs. We don't need no stinkin logi, there are usually citadels right on-grid for healing. If we are all in little dessies we can do fun things like drive-bys. People that are in battlecruisers and such are not nimble enough to handle the enemies that will pester us...

-This comp relies on QUICK LOCKING (sebos), NO RUN AWAY (warp distruptors) and MASSIVE ALPHA (Artillery) at like 10km. If you are looking to build your own destroyer, make sure you have those 3 things. Don't bring blasters! Don't have an MWD or a scram. If we shoot something big, keep at range 10.5km and don't let him scram!

0) Set up close to the gate, preferably right on the center-line of the gate above or below. Make sure you have a clear line of sight to your warp-off ping / bookmark.
1) Make sure your sensor boosters are ON with scan res scripts loaded.
2) Make sure your guns are overheated.
3) Select someone in local, hit CTRL-A to select all the local people.
4) Watch the gate. If you see a flash and someone new in local, you have someone coming in.
5) Pre-activate your guns and point, so they are flashing. Hold down CTRL, and hover your mouse at the bottom of your overview list.
6) When the target appears, simply click.
7) When you take gate guns, WARP OFF TO YOUR PING. Someone else will remain to hold point.
8) When you land at the ping, WARP BACK TO THE GATE.
9) Re-establish point and continue applying DD. The gate guns will ignore you now for that target.

The following number of thrashers can 2-shot the following ship types:

1 thrasher - low tank frigate
3 thrashers - destroyer
5 thrashers - t3 destroyer
7 thrashers - cruisers
11 thrashers - battlecruisers

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it