Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


this is a atempt to run nano w specter fleet thus not newbro friendly and having a working mic is mandatory.
Ships in doctrine will be SRPed.
But you can use what ever ships you want tho (keep it armor) but they will not be SRPed.
if it is your first time doing nano stuff watch Amelia dusk space and on actual fleet just say you are not that familiar and i will tell you to be furthure back and just snipe stuff.

the actual plan for the fleet is to:
A catch a ratter kill or hold for response.
B go to ess ring the bell and stay outside to kill any incoming response.

fleet operation
DONT GET SCRAMED that is the first rule of nano
so for fleet operation everyone that is not confident at being close to hold tackle stay in mid/ long range ammo.
have web preheated so in case something is raming you you web it and call it out to be primaried.
and keep your self close to the group
For logi pls say on coms if someone drifts too far from your reps / away from FC.

fleet will be 10-15 ppls max
fleet doc:
1-3 logi (2 augs ideal)
1-2 e war (a ess pinger) (suport e war frigs are izier to use)
5+ dps (3 BC minimum for 2x skirm 1x armor links) (if you have backpack links do it imma srp that)

on the coms we will discus who can use what links so we fit on the BC apropriate links w charges

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it