Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


If you are overwhelmed about all the fittings here Pick a Meta or T2 Bomber.

Black Ops Bomber doctrine focused on hunting null sec whales.

Alpha Accounts / Lower SP accounts may be able to go out in Bait Praxis / Gnosis with the hunters. We will need to pair you up with cynos.

Have afterburner refit in cargo for recons and bombers!!

**Recons order:**
Falcon / Arazu / Rapier / Pilgrim in that order. Unless specific circumstances.

Load Focused Void Bombs (NOT Void! **No Damage Bombs!**)

We need at least the following for the fleet to function:
1 x Hunter Pair = Cyno V Ship + Interdictor
1 x Black Ops Bridge
1 x Fuel / Loot Truck

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it