Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Newbros jump into fast tackle ships.

**We will need the following before we can leave station:**

Multiple sets of HK Interdictors / Ceptors
4-5 Logi Default to Oneiros and Zarmazd. 4:1 Oneiros to Zarm ratio
Guardians need to have at least two for cap chain and a logi anchor
Armor and Skirm Links
Couple of booshers (command destroyers)

If you cannot fly the Harby Navy. Try the Augoror Navy. Coercer or fast tackle.

Alpha accounts should be able to use the Alpha version. Downgrade the guns if needed to "Heavy Modulated Energy Beam I"

**I will hand out the following on request**
All Logi
Command Destroyers

**Interdictors will get full SRP (mail loss to Mar5hy)**

**Change Log:**
18/06/23 Added Fast Tackle Ships
18/06/23 Swapped Command Destroyer for C&Q Fits
14/06/23 Oneiros fit to 4 Med Reppers
14/06/23 Added Praxis
14/06/23 Added Lachesis
14/06/23 Added Blackbird
14/06/23 Added Guardian
14/06/23 Added Zarmazd
14/06/23 Added Coercer for Newbros

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it