Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


If you are overwhelmed about all the fittings here Pick a Meta or T2 Bomber.

Apha toons can take part! Bait Praxis + Gnosis will be handed out. Or bring anything that can bait out some targets for the main fleet. You will need to pair yourself with cyno hunters.

This version of the BLOPS doctrine is primarily for Blopsing into Low Sec.

Have afterburner refit in cargo for recons and bombers!!
Have Pyro drugs
Have Pochven Filaments

**Recons order: **
Falcon / Arazu / Rapier / Pilgrim in that order. Unless specific circumstances.

By default we will load Focused Void Bombs in our bombers (NOT Void! Not Damage!). Just in case we run into nullsec.

We need at least the following for the fleet to function:

Hunters. At least a bait ship of some sort paired with a covert or industrial cyno
Black Ops Bridge (handout)
Fuel / Loot Truck (handout)

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it