Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


23/09/23 Please note updated fleet information and fittings. Simplified Bomber fitting for lower skill level
03/10/23 Added T2 option for some support ships

For fleet to work I require:
1 or 2 Hunters (Choose your own preferred interceptor- Stiletto hunter example provided.)
1 Cloaky Interdictor (Sabre is ideal but you can bring whatever suits - must be hyper rigged as warp speed is critical)
1 Crucifier or Sentinel of each type
1 Maulus Navy Issue or Keres
1 Hyena
10+ Hookbills
4-6 DPS Support Purifiers

You must fit hookbills as listed.
If you have an issue with fitting them please let me know.

Please make sure you have filaments, nanite paste

This fleet may head to null or low sec.

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it