Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


"Conduit Jumps allow a Black Ops to take up to 30 ships in a 10 km radius with it... Ideal for T3C movements." - EVE Uni Wiki (YC125).

By Combining a Shotgun Hunting Party with Conduit Bridger's.... A weapon so powerful has been created that at this very moment ratting supers everywhere are checking to ensure they are signed into their out-of-game ping bots!

Conduit Fleet Capped at 30 - Everyone else jumps in the Hunting Party!

Need 1-2 Bridger's / R18+ DPS / 6 LOGI / WEBBS and LINKS only IF we don't have enough Tackle / Booshers in the Hunting Party!

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it