Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Welcome to the new SF Standard doctrine series. These doctrines are aimed at existing FC's branching out to new fleet styles or new FC's joining the team looking for a straight forward and easy to use doctrine.

This doctrine comprises of shield assault frigates, namely the harpy, shield logistic frigates and interdictor support. If this doctrine is being used in lowsec the Sabre can be discarded.

What it does: The doctrine is suitable for taking fights in lowsec, nullsec and wormhole space. It is further suitable for whaling/hunting expeditions in lowsec and nullsec with relevant hunting support. Do not use this doctrine in wormhole space without extra scanning ships present. This doctrine is unlikely to perform well in Pochven.

How to use it: Harpies should keep at range on a designated "anchor" and that anchor should aim to keep relevant distance to the designated target. Logistics should either keep at range on the designated "logi anchor" or orbit the primary anchor (due to significant speed difference this will form a "ball" around the main fleet keeping transversal high without compromising effecting repair range). Sabre pilots should fly independently as they choose as they are likely to be considered easy/high priority targets.

If being used for hunting/whaling, the FC may choose to let all ships free fly during engagement, however should a fight develop, harpies and logistics should anchor as soon as possible.

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