Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


Welcome to the new SF Standard doctrine series. These doctrines are aimed at existing FC's branching out to new fleet styles or new FC's joining the team looking for a straight forward and easy to use doctrine.

This doctrine comprises of armour assault frigates, armour logistic frigates and armour interdictor support. If this doctrine is being used in lowsec the Heretic can be discarded.

What it does: This doctrine is a brawling doctrine. It is suitable for taking close range engagements where pilots fly their ships individually keeping an eye out for potential hazards such as smartbombs and bomb runs. It is suitable for use primarily in lowsec and wormhole space for fleet to fleet fights. It has limited use in nullsec due to the kite meta and likelihood that your opponents will have significant quantities of range control available to them. It is has limited uses in whaling/hunting largely due to the slower nature of armour ships when on field. Do not use this doctrine in wormholes without extra scanning support. This doctrine is unlikely to perform well in Pochven. Due to the smaller signature radius of armour ships, this doctrine is effective in engaging larger ships in small numbers.

How to use it: All pilots should fly their ship independently keeping an eye out for smartbombs, bomb runs and any other high priority threat.

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