Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet


EASY (Everybody Adores Shield Yeeting) fleets are very straightforward: we get in some shield ships and harass various hostiles of interest in nullsec.

Recommended sample fits are included, and I recommend sticking to those, but in general you can fly anything that's a frigate or destroyer, goes at least 5 AU/s, MWDs at 2,250 m/s or better, and has a shield tank. (Please do not bring your Drake.)

DPS: Harpy > Merlin > Atron
Logi: Scalpel/Kirin > Bantam
Support: Maulus / Griffin / Keres <3
Bubblers: Yes please ×2 :)
Boosher: Yes please (shield, skirmish) :)

there should be text here some of the time but i'm working on it