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CAS Combat Day

Join this special event organized by CAS COMBAT GUILD!

When: Sat August 8th - 1700 Eve Time/UTC for the introduction for people new to pvp, the fleet will leave orvolle at 1800.

Where: Orvolle - Defiance Point. Roam starts here. (Note: If you have a jump clone available, please meet at RF-GGF V)

How: Join the CAS COMBAT GUILD chat channel and type X to join fleet.

NOTE:If you wish to fly a personal ship during CCD, please be sure to ship it to RF-GGF Intaki Syndicate Academy ahead of the roam using the Cas Jump Freighter Service.

Medical Clones: Set to either RF-GGF V - Intaki Syndicate Academy or Orvolle - Defiance Point.

Replacement Ships: Thanks to generous donations, we have been able to expand our replacement ship offerings. Free replacement ships will be available whenever you lose a ship.

IMPORTANT: For CAS Combat Day Rules and further info, please visit: http://casforum.vexor.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=136
CONTACT: Nopolar

By NPSI-Events
Forming up in Orvolle at 2020-08-08 17:00:00 UTC