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GANKED 482 FC-Showdown

Spectre Fleet presents a unique and very special GANKED this week.
Get ready for a spicy showdown between FC Slavback and FC gherti.
You will be able to choose which FC to join in this truly bloody battle.
The event be streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/eve_nt_tv with experienced Alliance Tournament commentators.
You simply can't miss this GANKED!

FC Slavback: Drakes, Xup-1
FC Gherti: Hurricanes, Xup-2

Doctrines: Fittings will be available from the 28th January
Staging: System will be announced on the 30th January at 15:00 EVE
Further Information: Spectre Fleet ingame Channel ''SF Spectre Fleet''

By Spectre Fleet
Forming up in Jita at 2021-01-30 20:00:00 UTC