Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet

FUNny Newbro Lowsec Roam

Are you one of the many new Eve Online players that recently started Eve Online? A returning player? Someone who has been around but never tried group pvp? Then this public NPSI fleet might be for you!

NPSI = Not purple, shoot it

Skilled and experienced players are more than welcome to help in support roles (scout, dictor, or heavy tackle), especially if you're looking for a laid back roam! We'll be hitting Low Sec for some kills and thrills! As long as you don't kill pods, your sec status goes down extremely slow (.001 and .002 at a time)

Where: staging out of Jita and roaming lowsec (then jumping into null)
When: Wednesday March 3 at 7:30pm Eve time (7pm if you need a ship!!)
Comms: FUN Inc Discord - fleetop1 voice channel https://discord.gg/eNbfeDukVU
XUP: ingame channel 'EBWF public' and we will start taking X's at 7 to expedite the undocking
Fits: ingame channels 'FUNny Newbros' for dessies and 'Kshal's Stabbers'
FCs: Kshal Aideron, Scopique
We will start taking X's, giving out ships and answering questions at 7pm. We will start Fleet 101 at 7:45 (if nobody needs it, we will head straight to null) and try to get into null by 8:15.

Please come early if you need a ship to try to expedite our undock time!

Ships will be STABBERS! And of course destroyers and frigs for those that can't fly stabbers! Hero tackle always welcome.

- make sure to set a death clone in Jita, if we welp early we'll come back, reship and go again
- free ships to anyone who's been in eve under 6 months that needs one or who doesn't want to their assets on pvp. Just drag your character in the fleet window down to the ship you desire.
- players who've done the fleet 101 and know what they're doing, you're welcome to head to the final highsec system before we head out (ask FC in fleet chat where that will be). Will take X's up to about 8:15 for more experienced players who can get to the last highsec system before we head to the great unknown.

By Fun Inc. with fleet commander Kshal Aideron
Forming up in Jita at 2021-03-03 19:30:00 UTC