Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet

ESS Caracals

I will be taking out long range ESS Caracals to see if we can get a fun fight. The current plan is to start forming at 16:00 and leave at 16:20.

There are 2 different Caracal fits, the one with the T2 rigs is the standard fit, but you can use the T1 rigged fit to save you a bit of isk if you have very high skills.
>>It is very important that whichever Caracal fit you pick can shoot at least 160km with faction missiles. If neither of the fits will do it for you, we could always use more Celestis to cut down on incoming damage.

1. Give SRP to the people who lost a ship and want it
2. Get the rest to a place where it can be sold, then split the proceeds equally among everyone who came.

If there is loot that can't be sold immediately (for example, if it was asset safetied or it is an abyssal module), then it will be donated to SF to fund SRP on fleets that don't bring enough loot back to cover it.

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By Spectre Fleet with fleet commander corsar Kado
Forming up in Jita at 2021-09-19 16:00:00 UTC
Doctrine: (Very) Longbow Caracals