Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet

G574 - Ogres Wasps & Gardes O My

This will be a free ship fleet for all participants with hulls being distributed at form-up. Expect Battleships and HACs galore with mixed support ships and plentiful options for new bros. Spread the word, tell your friends, and dont be discouraged if you have never participated in PVP before.

➤ INGAME CHANNEL: SF Spectre Fleet
➤ DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/DPFe9qw
➤ FLEET SCHEDULE: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/
➤ FLEET DOCTRINES: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/doctrine/
➤ MORE INFORMATION: https://bit.ly/SpectreFleet

By Spectre Fleet with fleet commander Astrocytoma
Forming up in Jita at 2022-10-29 18:00:00 UTC
Doctrine: Who's asking...? TBD