Spectre-Fleet Spectre Fleet

Logi-Class (How to Logi-Pilot)

*Disclaimer* This will not be a regular SF Fleet!
In this Logi-Class i will be explaining the Core-Mechanics of Remote-Repairs and how you can improve your own Logistic-Gameplay.

Few Examples:
- Setting up your Broadcast Window / Watchlist
- Explaining how Capchains work
- Managing your Target Locks
- Essential HotKeys for Logi

For a better reference, i will be using a newly created Charakter and setup everything from Scratch in Livestream (Discord)
Feel free to join us and be a Future-Spectre-Logi-Pilot =)

Duration of this Class: ~1,5 hrs
Class forming: 19:30 Eve Time
Class Start (Introduction): 19:40 Eve Time

➤ INGAME CHANNEL: SF Spectre Fleet
➤ DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/spectrefleet
➤ FLEET SCHEDULE: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/
➤ FLEET DOCTRINES: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/doctrine/
➤ MORE INFORMATION: https://bit.ly/SpectreFleet

By Spectre Fleet with fleet commander Hoffi V6
Forming up in Jita at 2023-12-03 19:30:00 UTC
Doctrine: Logi Class (How to Logi-Pilot)